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About Us

Derek Randel is an international bullying expert who has been featured on Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS, among many more local stations. He has been a guest on over 250 radio shows. He has written six books including Attacking our Educators, Parent Smart From the Heart, and The Stopping School Violence Manual. His books are resources that offer solutions to what every child and parent fears. He is also one of the featured authors in the book, 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading.

Derek speaks nationally on how to remove the yelling from your home, how to protect your child from bullying, and how educators can start to solve the school violence problem. Derek has his Masters Degree in Secondary Education and has 12 years of experience as a math teacher. As a teacher he was nominated for a Disney American Teacher Award.  Derek teaches common sense techniques that can be implemented immediately. He is also a certified step-family coach through the Step-Family Foundation in New York City. Derek currently holds a level 5 rank in

                                         Krav Maga and he is a certified Alpha Krav Maga Instructor.

Brad Lande - Certified law enforcement Krav Maga instructor.

Ron Washington - Certified law enforcement Krav Maga instructor.